Common sources of errors

On this page you will find common error sources, for which we get weekly requests. Most of the error sources are due to the installation and refer to the

APP_URL is wrong in the .env

On the server there is an .env file where an important URL is stored at the variable APP_URL. This URL is used so that the external app contains a URL from your Shopware store for communication back (this is an external Shopware cloud app).

Unfortunately, this URL is almost always set incorrectly for self-hosted stores - already by the installer. The URL could be similarly wrong as here:


It is important to use the URL of the store for the correction. It is also important to note http & https. In some cases, it can also be a different URL to the admin of the store (eg Shopware PWA or multiple store domains within one installation). Correct would be e.g.


After the change, save the file once and clear the store cache. Now a new window will appear in the admin because the URL has changed. Here would be a way to tell all external cloud apps that the URL has changed because the store has "moved". There is a little more at this point:

Finally, reinstall the app again. After that everything should work as far as possible.

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