TreeMates as provider

During the setup process, you have the choice to select TreeMates as your provider. TreeMates is an intermediary that works with various certified organizations to promote the reforestation of forests.


To set up TreeMates, you need to go to Extensions > My extensions > Apps in the admin and then, for the Tree per Order (Cloud) app, right-click ... > Configuration. Further down you will find the section TreeMates donations

API key

The most important setting is the API key. Without this key a communication with TreeMates is not possible.

To get the API key, you first need an active account at TreeMates. Now you can log in to and go directly to

There you can generate a live key and then copy and paste it into the API key field.

Send certificate to customer

The Send certificate to customer checkbox determines whether the customer receives a donation certificate with a PDF by email. The certificate will only be sent if the order status is set to Completed and the associated tree planting is set to Planted.

The checkbox Donate anonymously determines whether customer data such as first name, last name and the email are transmitted to TreeMates. If the checkbox is activated, no donation certificate will be sent by email in any case.

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