A personalized customer greeting can help to better engage your customers. To use it, you need to configure it once at the beginning.

To configure this, you have to go in the admin to Extensions > My Extensions then you go to the extension, Personalized customer greeting and click over the three points on Configuration

Static greeting

To greet your customers you can choose between a static and a time-based greeting. With the static greeting, the same greeting comes at any time. You also have the option to greet your customer by first name, last name or full name.

Time based greeting

With the time-based greeting, you can select at what time your customer should be greeted and how. In addition, you can also determine here whether only the first or last name or the full name should be used.

After that you should save your choice by clicking the Save button.

A different way of greeting customers

The basic setup is now done. If you would like to greet your customers differently, you can also change the snippets.

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