Custom provider

With the app it is possible to select any provider on the market. The following donation process takes place with this option:

  1. At checkout, the customer first decides whether he wants to plant a tree.

  2. If he decides to do so and completes the order, a new "Tree Planting" with the status In Progress will be created in the Admin first.

  3. When the order status is set to Completed, the associated "Tree Planting" status is set to Planted.

  4. At a certain regular period (e.g. monthly), it is necessary to recount how many trees have been planted.

  5. Now a suitable organization must be selected and the number of trees and the corresponding money must be submitted manually.

Donation product pricing

Unlike TreeMates, for example, with this provider it is possible and also makes sense to adjust the prices of the donation product per currency. For example, instead of €2, you could charge only €1.

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