To enable the notifications, you have to go to Extensions > My Extensions > Apps in the admin. and then at the app "Back in stock notification" right click on ... > Configuration on the right.

Now you are in the settings for the app. You now have to perform the following two steps:

  • First, you have to activate the app for your sales channels via the checkbox Activate.

  • In addition, you have to enter your SMTP access data for email communication under Mailer. Make sure in any case that Host, Username and Sender address are filled in, as these are mandatory fields. Most likely you will also need to fill in the Port, Password and Encryption fields.

Finally, you need to press the Save button. That was all!


The entry of the email addresses in the product detail pages is only visible if the associated product is not available. Usually this means that the Stock is set to 0 and the Clearance sale is set to on. However, this can differ slightly per store, as other extensions can also have an influence on the availability.


Emails to customers are only sent when a product that was previously unavailable (e.g. due to lack of stock), now becomes available again. It is exactly at this transition that the delivery happens.

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