Create & publish recipes

Recipes are intentionally structured very similarly to regular products. This means that the creation and publication requires almost the same steps.

Create recipe

You can create recipes in the admin under Catalogues > Recipes by clicking on the button Add recipe. It is important that you give the recipe a name, of course, because it is a mandatory field. Afterwards you can click on the button Save to save the recipe.

Now you can write your content for the recipe via the tab Ingredients & Preparations.

Publish recipe

Creating a recipe is not enough to display it in the storefront. Apart from the one-time setup the following points must be in place:

  • The recipe must be active.

  • The recipe must have a main category OR a category.

  • The recipe must be associated with a sales channel.

If everything is correct so far, the recipes should appear in the storefront. Have fun writing them!

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