Resend email

Resending an email with the plugin is very easy. Please note only, that custom comments need an additional setup step.


To resend the email you have to go to Orders > Overview > "Any order" in the admin and scroll to the section Resend order confirmation mail.

There click on the button Resend mail, optionally enter a comment and click on the button Send now to trigger the email.

Embed your custom comments

As already mentioned, custom comments require an additional step, as these access the default email template Order confirmation. An automatic installation is not possible because this email template can be very individual per store.

To customize the email template you have to navigate in the admin to Settings > Shop > Email templates, there edit the email template Order confirmation and then scroll to the section Mail text.

Now you have to insert the dynamic placeholder resendOrderConfirmationMailComment|default('') in the appropriate places and finally save the email template.


Do not add another space after the dynamic placeholder resendOrderConfirmationMailComment|default(''). The plugin automatically appends a space if a comment is present. Otherwise the dynamic placeholder is completely empty, which means that even emails without custom comments still look good.

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