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Cookie Bot (opens new window)currently offers more setting options than the native cookie consent of Shopware and is therefore a good & stable alternative to the Shopware standard. However, it also takes a little longer to set up. But if you follow this short documentation, you should not have any problems with the installation!


You can configure the following steps per sales channel & language individually, which ultimately gives you more flexibility with the cookie consent.

First you have to create a valid account with Cookie Bot (opens new window). If everything worked, you can visit (opens new window)to create the domain of your shop first.

ow you can navigate to the tab Your scripts under (opens new window), where you can find your Domain Group ID.

Copy this ID and enter it in the Shopware Admin under Extensions > My extensions > Pixel Your Shop > ... > Configuration > Cookie Consent in the Cookie Bot ID field. Please set the Provider to Cookie Bot before, so that the field Cookie Bot ID is visible.

Each pixel can be assigned to a category in Cookie Bot. Cookie Bot distinguishes between the four categories necessary, preferences, statistics and marketing, whereas Pixel Your Shop usually uses the two categories statistics and marketing.

The categories in the Shopware Admin under Extensions > My extensions > Pixel Your Shop > ... > Configuration > Cookie Consent must match the categories found in your Cookie Bot account at (opens new window), to make sure that everything works properly.

In the example below, for Google gtag the three cookies gag, gid & gat were recognized and assigned to the category statistics. Therefore, you should also enter the statistics category under Cookie Bot: Google gtag category in Pixel Your Shop. The same principle you can also use for Facebook, Google Tag Manager & Hotjar.


If no cookies were found for your pixels, then a new scan can be performed in your Cookie Bot account at (opens new window). Please note that only the premium version of Cookie Bot allows several additional scans per month. Alternatively you can add cookies manually in Cookie Bot.

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