TreeMates as provider

With TreeMates as the provider, the donation process is simply designed and partially automated:

  1. At checkout, the customer first decides whether he wants to plant a tree.

  2. If he decides to do so and completes the order, a new "Tree Planting" with the status In Progress will be created in the admin first.

  3. Only when the order status is set to Completed, TreeMates is notified via an API call that a new tree is to be planted. The status of the associated tree planting is then set to Planted.

  4. If the checkbox Send certificate to customer has been activated in the settings, TreeMates will send a donation certificate to the customer via email.

  5. Once a month TreeMates sends an invoice to the store owner, which has to be transferred manually.

Donation product pricing

When you activate the app, a donation product is automatically created and some prices are already set as well. With TreeMates as a provider, there are fixed prices for each currency, which you can see in the following table:












Therefore there is no possibility to take e.g. instead of 2 Euro only 1 Euro for each tree. But this also means that technically it has no effect to change the prices in the donation product, even if the price is adjusted in the checkout. Only the currency determines at the end which amount will be included in the final invoice.


If an order is made with a different currency than the one in the table above and the customer has chosen to make a donation, $2 will always be charged.

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