Dynamic remarketing setup

This short tutorial describes how to properly set up dynamic remarketing with the app.

Set up data source in Google Ads

The first step is to set up the Google Ads tag data source in Google Ads under Shared libraries > Audience manager > Your data sources. You may need to create a new tag here

It is important that you enable the second option in Remarketing and select Retail as the type.

Now you will see under Shared Libraries >Audience manager > Segments that multiple segments have been set up automatically. There is nothing else to note here for the time being.

In the admin itself, you need to go to the settings under Extensions > My extensions > Apps > Google Ads (Cloud) ... > Configuration you have to activate all events for dynamic remarketing. At least that would be our recommendation.

The first part is now done. Don't forget to delete the cache!

Connect Google Merchant Center with Google Ads

Dynamic remarketing only works if Google knows your products. Uploading the products themselves works via Google Merchant Center. The campaigns, however, will be placed via Google Ads. Therefore, both tools must be connected.

First you need to log in to Google Merchant Center to upload multiple products.

Next, you need to set up a scheduled fetch so that your products are renewed automatically and regularly.

To get the right URL you have to set up a sales channel for a Product comparison in the Shopware admin before.

Google Shopping (XML)must be used as a template. If necessary, go through whether other information must be filled out. Also, the sales channel must be marked as active!

Here you can see the export URL that you need for Google Merchant Center. You have to copy it.

Back in the Google Merchant Center you have to enter this URL.

If you clicked continue, you will see that the products are uploaded. Here you need to make sure that everything has been successful and take into account possible error messages.

In Google Merchant Center, you will then need to connect Google Ads so that you can later create campaigns that can access these uploaded products.

Back in Google Ads, you can create a new campaign. The objective is up to you.

You need to select Shopping as the campaign type.

If you have linked everything correctly, then you can select your linked Google Merchant Center account. After that you can set some settings and start the campaign!

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