How to get Conversion ID and label

To track events like purchases, shopping cart actions or other conversions with Google Ads, you need the correct Conversion ID and Conversion labels. You need to enter them in the app.

Below you can find a short explanation about Conversion IDs and labels and read a small tutorial, how to set up e.g. the conversion for purchases correctly.

What are Conversion IDs and labels?

It is important to understand what exactly Conversion IDs and labels are in Google Ads, so that you can set them up correctly.

Conversion ID

First of all you need to know that of course every company or individual can have their own Google Ads account. Therefore, somehow you have to be able to keep them apart, especially when tracking.

Since the accounts cannot have real names like "Sarah" or "Fresh Company", otherwise they would be assigned multiple times and cause confusion, you have to use a unique sequence of letters and characters instead, e.g. "761626278", to be able to distinguish the accounts. This is exactly what the Conversion ID is for.

Tip Each account always has only one Conversion ID, even if several conversion actions are created with the corresponding Conversion labels.

Conversion Label

Now, in a store, a wide variety of events can be tracked, which in the context of Google Ads are called conversion actions. Events can be anything and Google Ads does not define more precisely what an event is.

For a store, typical events such as "purchase", "added to cart" or "checkout started" are usually set up, which also usually contain dynamic values like prices or total order amounts.

Through these dynamic values, you can later directly read how profitable the ads are, because you can now see the income in addition to the expenses. That's why an app like "Google Ads (Cloud)" is essential for your revenue!

Now it is so, that also the events need a unique name for differentiation, so that the events are technically seen correctly with the tracking be assigned correctly. This is what the Conversion labels are for.

Tip Each account always has one or more different Conversion labels. More precisely defined: One Conversion label per conversion action.

Tutorial: How to track purchases correctly

With the knowledge of what exactly Conversion IDs and labels are, you can now set up the most important event there is for your store: A purchase! You can also go through this tutorial again for any other event.

1: First you have to log in to Google Ads and go to your Conversions.

2: Next you need to set up a new Conversion action.

3: In this step you need to configure the Conversion action with the right values. In the image below you can see the optimal configuration.

4: Now you are almost there: Here you can easily read your corresponding Conversion ID and label and copy them for the next step.

5: In the Shopware admin you can now go to Extensions > My Extensions > Apps > Google Ads ... > Configuration and enter your Conversion ID. Make sure to activate the tracking!

6: Now scroll down to enter your Conversion label at Conversion: Purchase. Make sure to activate the conversion. Now click on the button Save and clear your complete store cache if necessary. Your purchases should now be tracked correctly!

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