Setting up tracking is done in a few steps on the Shopware site.

Enable tracking

To activate Google Ads, you have to go to Extensions > My Extensions > Apps in the admin and then at the app "Google Ads" right click on ... > Configuration on the right.

Now you are in the settings for the app. Next, you need to complete the following two steps: First you have to check the checkbox Enable tracking and then you have to enter the Conversion ID.

In addition, you have to activate the individual conversions like Add to cart or Purchase and enter the individual conversion labels.

Some conversions also have the possibility to set up dynamic marketing, which you can easily enable with the checkbox Enable dynamic remarketing.

If you now click on the Save button, the tracking should be active.


If necessary, it might make sense to explicitly clear the store cache again if no data is transferred at first attempt.

Enable event debugging

To understand exactly which data is sent to Google Ads at which point, there is the possibility to get a detailed view in the Javascript console.

Simply activate the checkbox Enable Pixel Event Debug in the Javascript Console and then press the button Save.

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