To make the Health Check app functional, an additional tool is necessary. If your store is down, the Health Check app is also down and cannot notify you.

We recommend using for this purpose. Better stack will notify you in case of an outage either via email, Slack or by phone. To use Better Stack properly, you need to integrate the URL in your Better Stack profile.

You can also configure the Health Check App a little bit. For this you have to go to Extensions > My Extensions in the admin, then go to the extension, Health Check and click on Configuration via the three dots.

URL for Health Check

Here you can enter additional URLs under HTTPS to subject them to a health check as well and also activate a Health Check for ElasticSearch.

For example, under HTTP ping URLs you can enter other important URLs that are located on other servers. This way you can check important URLs like CDNs for accessibility. Also HTTPS certificates are checked.

Heartbeat Check

The Heartbeat Check ensures that background functions of your store are monitored at regular intervals (e.g. scheduled tasks). You configure how often the plugin should send a sign of life to your health monitoring tool. If a query does not result in a response from your site, you will receive a notification.

To do this, you first need to generate a heartbeat URL in and configure how often it should be checked. Then add the URL under Extensions > My Extensions > Health Check.

Check the function of the Health Check extension

In your URL line enter your url and then /shop-studio-health-check/health. Here you can see if your pages are currently available. If you see "up" and "true", your pages are online.

Extension for Health Check

With a little programming knowledge, you also have the option of having previously unsupported health checks performed for other functions. For example, the integration of Radis databases or ERP systems is possible.

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